The middle of a journey.
The scenery you see, the birdsongs you hear, the scent of nostalgic flowers you smell…
We would like you to have a comfortable time surrounded by unforgettable memories.
Pack a fun extraordinary time into your bag and start on a new day.

The theme of the art project is "Collection".
It came from an image that is colored by various "memories" we have collected while strolling in Tokyo.

Bank Bed Gallery is pleased to introduce works by artists who are based in Tokyo.
The art works as the "memories" can be traveled with you. We hope that you will find your favorite piece.



2018.6.30 - 7.29

Artworks by six artists will be showcased in cooperation with an art festival "Kameyama Triennale" held in Kameyama city in Mie prefecture.
DENCHI's landlord Taebeom Kim has been also featured in Kameyama Triennale (Previously "Art Kameyama") for a couple of years,
and it became an opportunity to hold this group show. The artists who have presented their works on the land of Kameyama,
where once flourished as a post town along the Tokaido, will gather again in Nishi-Asakusa, Tokyo and color DENCHI as a today's guesthouse.

きっかけは、田家代表 キム テボンも、亀山トリエンナーレ(当時:アート亀山)で作品発表をしたことがあること。

協力:亀山トリエンナーレ実行委員会 / 監修:元三重県立美術館長 井上隆邦


  • Hiroyuki Mori / 森 博幸
  • Hiroyuki Mori / 森 博幸

By cutting out and reconstructing the biological characteristics and the visual features of plants, Kimura aims to show the the existence of the plants from a fresh perspective to the eyes of the viewers.

Hiroyuki Mori / 森 博幸

  • Koto Takei / 武井 琴
  • Koto Takei / 武井 琴

I am making animations that combine contemporary dance and stop motion technique. I am exploring the possibility of dancing that can be performed in not only theatrical space but also in various places such as forests and farms, streets, old houses, etc.

Koto Takei / 武井 琴

  • Miyuki Inagaki / 稲垣 美侑
  • Miyuki Inagaki / 稲垣 美侑

While touching the memories and traces contained in the land and people, questioning about the relations with the circumstances and environment surrounded the place and iteratively exploring the contours of existence. What was the world like? As a word spoken in a book, my work creates a new dialogue and perception from its each connection and traces the unexplored scenery.

Miyuki Inagaki / 稲垣 美侑

  • Ryoko Kato / 加藤 涼子
  • Ryoko Kato / 加藤 涼子

The lines and shapes in my work are headed for release. When a specific person appears into the painting space, a feeling of tension is occurred in my mind. However, I made drawings to head the same direction together. When drawing a feeling of the person, I feel attractive by the atmosphere of obscure, delicate, and still comprehended.

Ryoko Kato / 加藤 涼子

  • Tetsuya Yanagi / 柳 哲也
  • Tetsuya Yanagi / 柳 哲也

I want to create painting that no one has ever seen. Painters have always been seeking for a new way of expressing and presenting it for a very long time. And it is said that every expression has already been exhausted today and new ones are not coming out any more. However, I as a painter still want to pursue the new expression. I will explore new expressions and continue to challenge without fear of failure.

Tetsuya Yanagi / 柳 哲也

  • Yuzo Shimomura / 下村 雄三
  • Yuzo Shimomura / 下村 雄三

"Fact is stranger than fiction," as a proverb says. While swaying the pendulum of my soul through the body, I am listening to the faint voice around us, and observing forms and color lights always changing by keeping my eyes opened and looking closely. I am trying to reflect into our society that dramas of the dynamics of life and its hymn which is overlapped between fiction and non-fiction.

Yuzo Shimomura / 下村 雄三



Bank Bed Galleryでは、東京をベースに活動しているアーティストの作品を少しずつ紹介いたします。