The middle of a journey.
The scenery you see, the birdsongs you hear, the scent of nostalgic flowers you smell…
We would like you to have a comfortable time surrounded by unforgettable memories.
Pack a fun extraordinary time into your bag and start on a new day.

The theme of the art project is "Collection".
It came from an image that is colored by various "memories" we have collected while strolling in Tokyo.

Bank Bed Gallery is pleased to introduce works by artists who are based in Tokyo.
The art works as the "memories" can be traveled with you. We hope that you will find your favorite piece.


Memory of Journey

2018.8.2 - 11.4

"Memory" in the exhibition title is one of the keywords valued by Guest House DENCHI.
There are as many journeys as there are feelings by people.
This exhibition gathered "memory of journey" by five female artists.
Enjoy the various thoughts of journeys. Hoping to find "memories" that resonate with people visiting the Bank Bed Gallery.

展覧会タイトルにある「Memory = 思い出」とは、ゲストハウス田家(DENCHI)が大切にしているキーワードの1つ。
これを機に、様々な旅の想いを是非お楽しみください。Bank Bed Galleryを訪れる方に響く「思い出」が見つかりますように。


  • EKKO
  • EKKO

Drawing images mixed in bricolage which the world scenery that can be glimpsed in from fragments of her own memory, movies, and various devices. Ekko presents the works that she painted with praying for recapturing "some infinite sensation" healed in Eastern Europe's travel at any time.


  • shiori nishi
  • shiori nishi

Releasing the camera shutter as if shiori nish was looking at the atmosphere felt on the spot or the energy emitted by the subject. She has been also working on a mixed media series that incorporates painting with photography in recent years.

shiori nishi

  • Mayu Fujisawa / 藤沢 まゆ
  • Mayu Fujisawa / 藤沢 まゆ

Using a traditional craft technique in Japanese dyeing called Tsutsugaki, Fujisawa draws and dyes pictures in light colors on fabric. Incorporating small everyday events into her fantasy, she creates her unique world and expresses her work by combining it with the real world.

Mayu Fujisawa / 藤沢 まゆ

  • Chacos Fujita / 藤田チャコス
  • Chacos Fujita / 藤田チャコス

Works by Chacos, who expresses sparkles of everyday feelings and encounters with people in many colors, are composed of her positive wishes that the world can be changed to more rich and honest. For this exhibition, she also presents new works by expressing feelings of excitement and exhilaration on journey with layered the scenery.

Chacos Fujita / 藤田チャコス

  • Mai Yamaga / 山家 麻以
  • Mai Yamaga / 山家 麻以

I want to create painting that no one has ever seen. Painters have always been seeking for a new way of expressing and presenting it for a very long time. And it is said that every expression has already been exhausted today and new ones are not coming out any more. However, I as a painter still want to pursue the new expression. I will explore new expressions and continue to challenge without fear of failure.

Mai Yamaga / 山家 麻以



Bank Bed Galleryでは、東京をベースに活動しているアーティストの作品を少しずつ紹介いたします。